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WPCdecking is the perfect low maintenance, high durability & lifetime solution for your poolside, walkways or any high traffic outdoor area.

Wood plasticcomposite deckingboards are a fantastic high-quality, low cost alternative to standard wooden decking.Wood PlasticComposite–DeckingWood. Available colour: Red & Teak. Size 2200mm x 150mm x 24mm. WPC products have natural appearance, long life.WPC deckingis a new eco-friendly decking for outdoor use. WPC means Wood Plastic Composite.WPC deckingis produced from reclaimed plastic and bamboo/Wood.

1. Made of recycled plastic (HDPE) and wood or bamboo powder, plus non-hazardous chemical additives such as anti-UV agent, light stabilizer, lurbicant, culping agent and etc.

2. Eco friendly to nature

3. Waterproof, fire retardant, UV resistant, Anti-slip, maintenance free, long life span

4. Profiles adjustable, lengths adjustable, colors adjustable, surface treatment adjustable

5. Easy intallation and costefficiency

Wood plastic products than pure plastics or pure wood, etc., the cost is much lower, can be recycled waste plant fiber, wood processing waste wood powder and used recycled plastics, conducive to the full use of the environment and resources, with the advantages of wood and plastics, low density, low cost, water resistance, moth resistance.

The wood powder used for wood plastic is wood powder, bamboo powder, rice husk powder, wheat pole, peanut shell, bagasse and so on. There are resins used for wood plastic PVC,PE,PP, of which PE account for 70%, PVC for 13% and PP for 17%. The rise in oil prices has led to a rise in the prices of oil-based PE,PP, while PVC prices have been stable, giving the plastic wood composites of basic materials a chance to develop. Of course it is not low cost we can ignore these have a great impact on the material and mechanical properties of products, we through the actual production, can be specific analysis.

First of all, we need to know that the main component of wood powder is cellulose lignin hemicellulose, and other organic matter and moisture, in real life have to add resin powder.

Mix the PVC wood powder and other plant fiber mixture, mix 5 min, on the 170 double roller plastic mixer to take the sheet, press the sheet, make the sample, the notch impact strength is carried out on the ZBC-25B pendulum impact testing machine according to the GB1843-80 standard; the tensile performance is carried out on the CMT6104 universal electronic testing machine according to the GB/T1040-92 standard. Bending performance is tested according to GB1042-79 standard. the impact splines were cooled with liquid nitrogen, then brittle and broken, and the sections were vacuum-plated and scanned by sem.

I. Variables on the influence of moisture in wood flour

Through experiments, we found that when the wood powder is heated, the water is first evaporated, then the easily decomposed part of lignin is decomposed, and the cellulose is further heated to oxidize and decompose, and finally the lignin is decomposed. The mechanical properties of the modified plastics were obviously affected by the presence of residual moisture and volatile matter with low boiling point in the wood powder, so the mechanical properties of the materials were obviously affected. Therefore, wood flour must be filled before Dry.

Wood and bamboo powder in the initial heating, weight reduction value is relatively large, because when heating, bamboo powder moisture volatilization ,1 hour later, bamboo powder reduction value is basically unchanged, in 110,130 wood powder weight loss is mainly water volatilization. At the temperature of 150, bamboo powder in the initial heating, weight reduction value is relatively large, mainly loss of water, but with the heating time, bamboo powder reduction value becomes relatively flat, at this time bamboo powder is mainly lost low boiling point volatile substances. When heating, such as low temperature, short time, wood powder reduction less than 3%, such as high temperature, long heating time, wood powder unlimited reduction, is meaningless and uneconomical. from performance and classics The heating temperature of wood powder is 110 and 130, and the reduction range is 5-10%.

II. Effect of resin selection on mechanical properties of products

the high filling of wood powder will affect the plasticizing properties and processing fluidity of the PVC. the type of resin must be selected according to the melt flow rate (MFR) of the resin. under the same processing conditions, the resin MFR is higher, the overall wettability of wood powder is better, and the distribution of wood powder is more uniform.

The smaller the degree of polymerization of PVC, the higher the MFR of resin, we can see through the parameters provided by PVC resin manufacturers, it is not difficult to see that the viscosity of PVCSG-7 or PVCSG-8 is lower and the MFR is higher. Therefore, PVCSG-7 or PVCSG-8 are more suitable for the matrix resin of wood-plastic composites.

III. Effect of Selection of Wood Powder on Mechanical Properties of Products

Wood powder is made of mechanical crushing, and the force of wood powder with different particle size is different during crushing, so wood powder with different particle size has different surface roughness and aspect ratio, and the damage degree of “microbubble structure” of wood itself is different. The larger the particle size of wood powder, the greater the roughness of its surface, and the effect of roughness on the properties of wood surface is as follows:

Size140X25 Hollow round deckingMaterial1). 60% Wood powder2). 30% HDPE3). 10% Chemical AddativesFeatures1.With natural wood grain and looks like nature wood, less timber problems2.90% recycled materials, environmental friendly, saving forest resources.3. Easy to install and low labor cost.4. High degree of UV and color stability.5. Cutting and drilling like timber.6. Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60.7.Resistant to termite and insect attack, will not split, rot or warp.ColorRed, Brown, Yellow, Coffee, Grey, Black, Chocolate or custmizedPackagePallet with PVC soft flimDelievery time15~20 days after we received the depositLoading PortShanghai/NingboRange of UseGarden, Lawn, Balcony, Corridor, Garage, Pool&SPA Surrounds, Boardwalk, Playground

We found that the impact strength and bending strength of PVC/ wood powder composites increased first and then decreased with the change of particle size of filled PVC wood powder. This trend was confirmed by electron microscope of PVC/ wood powder composite .60 mesh wood powder, high surface roughness, loose structure, PVC resin failed to penetrate into wood powder, more exposed particles, more holes around wood powder ;300 mesh wood powder, small particle size, wood powder easy agglomeration; these defects form stress concentration, under smaller force, easy fracture. And 100 mesh wood powder, the particle size is moderate, PVC resin and wood powder interface compatibility is good, so, impact strength and bending. the flexural strength appears maximum.

Through experiments, we conclude that: PVCSG-7 or PVCSG-8 is more suitable for PVC/ wood-plastic composite matrix resin ;100 mesh wood powder, moderate particle size, and good compatibility with PVC resin, impact strength and bending strength maximum; wood powder filling PVC prior drying temperature 110 is good.

BritainCompositedeckingfrom China

Changxing Hanming Technology Co.,LTDis a unique material that combines the best characteristics of cellulose fiber and plastic.Manufactured mainly from recycled raw material,the composite has proven to be tough and humidity resistant,also it is durable and easy to maintain.

Changxing Hanming Technology Co.,LTD devoted to producing environmental protection building materials . We mainly Supply WPC ( wood plastic composite ) and Co-extrudeddecking , which widely used for Decking , Fencing , Wall panels , Ceiling , Railing , DIY deck tiles , Bench , Flower pot , Pergola and so on .Also we specilized in SPC flooring for indoor use.

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Changxing Hanming Technology Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer engaged in research, production and sale of co-extrusionWPC, decking, wall cladding, fence & railing, pergola & pavilion and flower box.

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Nature appearance and feel,Environmental friendly (recycled material),High durability,Lowmaintenance,Low Thermo-Dimensional change,High strength and density,Easy workability,Weather resistant,Termite and mold proof,Rot proof,Splinter proof (barefootfriendly),Slip resistant,Waterproof,Anti-glare,UV and colour stability.

china interlocking composite decking tiles. features: ready to use right out of the box; quick and easy installation with no tools; perfect for creating terrace deck .

These interlocking composite decking tiles play an important role in building and structural components. In addition, it is a material commonly used to replace wooden various applications. The combination of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and wood sawdust produce a WPC that can also be used in varying applications.

Theseinterlocking composite decking tilesplay an important rolein building and structural components.In addition, it is a material commonly used to replace wooden various applications. The combination of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and wood sawdust produce a WPC that can also be used in varying applications.The standard length of theseinterlocking composite decking tiles are 2200mm, and other customized size is also available according to people’s need. Equipped with strong water resistant function, it is an ideal item for outdoor use, which is especially suitable for decking of residential area, balcony, garden, private park and swimming pool.

Product Feature:

Compared with wood and wood-plastic materials, theseinterlocking composite decking tilesare resistant to strong acid and alkali.

Through additives, it can undergo polymerization, foaming, solidification, modification and other changes in order to meet special requirements such as anti-aging, anti-static, and flame retardant.

It is equipped with excellent UV light stability and strong rust proof function.

Hanmingofferhigh qualityWPC railingat a reasonable price,provide design and custom service according to various requirements of customers,install easy!

Anti-corrosion wood Pergola : the advantage of anti-corrosionwood Pergolais that the price is quite cheap, but the disadvantage is that the outdoor service life is not long, generally began to smell slowly rot around 2 years.

Flower Box is aslo called to flower pots &planters ,It can be made from different materials. ourWPC Flower boxis made of wood plastic composite materials.

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