Global Warming Could Be The Worst Nightmare For Greenland S Real Estate Market

Global Warming Could Be the Worst Nightmare for Greenland s Real Estate Market


Taylor White

They are a mixture of Inuits and Danes. Greenland is heavily dependent upon the fish exports and fishing. The shrimp industry of Greenland is the largest earner so far.

To know anything about Greenland real estate for sale or about Greenland rentals, the best idea would be to check out Greenland real estate listings. That is what helps you in gaining a lot of information about this particular market. The tourism industry of Greenland is not very promising because most of the area is undeveloped. Although the spectacular sceneries of

Greenland are pretty much tempting for the visitors and might attract the large number of investors in the real estate market of Greenland, there are certain reasons due to which the Greenland s real estate market is not blooming. The international real estate market is taking precautions while referring the investors to invest in Greenland as the global warming is becoming the biggest threat for this area.


The negative impacts of global warming could already be seen as the lives of Greenland s Inuits, which comprise almost 45,000 of population, are on stake due to the melting of ice sheet. This does not mean that the international real estate for sale in Greenland is completely going down, while the property recovered from the recent recession. The main reasons for the downfall and restrictive investment in the real estate of Greenland is due to the recent damage to the fishery and shrimp business in Greenland due to global warming. In addition to this, extensive damage took place in Inuit village to the housing and infrastructure due to the melting of permafrost in Arctic.

As people are not very much familiar with the concept of global warming and even if they are, they are not ready to admit it. However the trend for real estate of Greenland market has been fluctuating in 2009 and continuing in 2010 as well. The total annual sales rose in 2009 and the same trend have been predicted for 2011. As the conditions have gone better economically for Greenland, the overall Greenland s real estate and international rentals have improved for both sellers and buyers. But still, the sustainability is required in the Greenland s international real estate for sale status, as the employment level is still struggling.

Even after the climatic danger, the present situation includes the complete transaction based on condominiums, single family homes and co-ops which show that the 5.1 percent fell in June as compared to May. But if you compare these statistics to 2009 of the same period, a 9.8 percent increase has been shown by the real estate in Greenland.

Experts, however, are of the opinion that as the damage has been started in Greenland due to the climatic warnings, the investors must think thrice before actually looking out for international real estate listings comprising of Greenland.

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