Breast Augmentation After The Age Of 60

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Breast Augmentation After the Age of 60


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Why would a mother of two and grandmother of four want breast augmentation surgery? In this day and age, due to the prevalence of young women in skimpy bathing suits getting breast augmentation, there is a prevailing thought that at any age, implants are solely for sexual reasons. But, ladies and gentlemen, more and more grandmothers across the country are interested in investing in the physique they once had. And they want breasts they can be proud of, too. It is not the case that they have longed for breast augmentation their whole lives but never got it because they have spent too many years achieving career, family, and personal triumphs. They have been around too long to be trying to compete with anyone now. Granted, the implants often make their breasts look like they belong on someone half their age, but that is part of the appeal. These women have too much life left out ahead of them to be struggling with self-esteem. They are simply remembering that they do not have to live in the shell of a “grandmother” in order to be one.


There are a larger number of patients in this age group of 65 or older that seek as natural of an augmented appearance as possible. They are adding in a lift and returning to their cup size of yester year, or going up a size. They do not want anything unnatural or blatantly attention seeking. Much like younger women interested in the same procedures, older women curious about cosmetic surgery also simply want to refine their appearance in a natural-looking way. Breast augmentation over the age of 60, as is the case with any surgery involving anesthesia, involves certain risks. A plastic surgeon worth his or her license and education would not operate on an ill person or someone they believed to be in poor enough health to have serious surgical complications. But the main concern for doctors is that they are cautious about the ability of elderly patients heal. This stage of the process can be prolonged with increased age. But, like any other patient at any other stage in life, the healthier she lives, the better the results and the smoother the procedure from the first incision to the first day out after recovery. And nowadays grandmothers are expressing themselves in new ways and their physical appearance is just one of the many ways to accomplish that.

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Breast Augmentation After the Age of 60