Accomplish That Facelift Without Surgery With Dr George Calfas!

Accomplish that Facelift without Surgery with Dr George Calfas!


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A new treatment used by Dr George Calfas in his cosmetic and laser facility means the collapse of the traditional facelift! Secure a more youthful looking face minus the surgery, cutting, sewing or scar tissue in only 30-60 minutes!

This non-invasive process makes no tell-tale scarring, but is instead a more rapid, much easier and even more ideal method, virtually raising the muscle tissues back where they are supposed to be.

Discover your youth with this non-invasive face lift!

Indeed there is basically no risk of problem, allergies or rejection by the body, and rather than traditional medical sutures, the Thread Facelift uses threads that are made out of biocompatible, non-dissolving suture substance. These stiches tend to be deposited under the epidermis exterior under local anaesthetic. This helps lift the skin and firm loose skin to generate a younger physical appearance!

The non-surgical procedure is administered in Dr George Calfas\’ practice under local anaesthesia and takes around simply one hour to accomplish. Imagine – a younger looking you in simply 1 hr! It is conceivable with Dr George Calfas in Sydney.

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We offer a broad selection of aesthetic solutions created to boost and benefit your perception of health and self-assurance. We appreciate both you and your distinct needs and endeavour to reach them wherever we can.

Our other choices are made up of (but are not restricted to):


Hair Regrowth Programs

Laser Skin Peeling and Resurfacing

Mole Extraction

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Anti wrinkle Smoothing Treatments


Skin Peels

Feel young and liberated once again with the help of expert Dr George Calfas, and establish your self-esteem and quality of life!

Enhance fullness with the help of mother nature

Under-eye hollows, or perhaps tear troughs, are brought about by a loss of volume in the skin, which is one of the natural results of the maturing process. Dr George Calfas can replenish the plumpness and profile of the under-eye area safely and expertly with purely natural substitution procedure. This is the injection of fat cells, collagen or hyaluronin, which are all natural components of soft tissue, directly into the area to restore the fullness and profile. This refreshes and revitalizes the general condition of your face, and will make you look as wide eyed and driven as you feel.

Safe and efficient

All three substances can be unearthed organically in soft muscle tissue, therefore we are essentially inserting back directly into the area components which have been lost over time. Of all 3, hyaluronin is the safest, simplest, long-lasting and most exact, and ascertains the most foreseeable results. Because it is a naturally occurring substance, hyaluronin is normally very effectively accepted by the body and allergy symptoms are unique.

Groundbreaking procedure

This treatment option happens to be created by Dr Calfas, and has been smartly and easily utilised on over 1000 individuals in 5 years to restore the natural volume and plumpness to the under-eye area. It is a mostly pain free process, and does not require any anaesthetic. The method achieves the most significant results when implemented once a month for a time frame of 3 months. After the initial 3 strategies, only 1 top up is necessary, every twelve to 18 months, which makes it a very cost-effective method.

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